Creating Our County’s Wellness Roadmap – Part 2

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Using the results of the County Health Rankings and the feedback we received from the Indiana Wellness Council questionnaire and inventory, we now have some short-term and long-term goals to improve our rankings locally and nationally.

Short-term Opportunities (1-3 years)

  • Develop an online database for Hancock County residents to share ideas and engage in health and overall well-being.
  • Promote existing community facilities for health and well-being resources, physical activity, social events, support groups, and career training.
  • Mapping of parks, walking trails, biking trails, and other destinations for community distribution
  • Focus on ways to create: additional access to nutritious foods, mental health resources, substance abuse and addiction treatment resources, and quality healthcare
  • Focus on ways to create: destinations where people want to gather, policies that meet our community vision, and a “list” highlighting the reasons people choose to live, work, and play in Hancock County.

Long-term Goals (3+ years)

  • Develop strong partnerships for a shared vision throughout the county’s schools, business and nonprofits which will create collective impact for the community.
  • Promote access to affordable healthcare and create communication strategies to promote our healthy attributes.
  • Focus on the built-environment (complete streets, farm-to-work, farm-to-school, and farm-to-table initiatives)
  • Develop broad, healthy community guidelines and standards for increasing desired health outcomes

At Hancock Regional Hospital, we have a vision to establish health and well-being as a top priority in Hancock County by making the healthiest choice the easiest choice for all. In our effort to become the healthiest county in Indiana, we must create a community where people want to live, work, and play and view well-being as a key factor of success for economic prosperity.

Our work is just beginning, but as a life-long resident, I know Hancock County has what it takes to leave a legacy of good health from generation to generation. If you would like to know ways you can get more involved, or have ideas on ways to make an impact on the health of Hancock County, email : We look forward to building our roadmap to health together!