Healthy U at Hancock Health

This is Hancock Health’s second year for the Weight Watchers at Work program—or as we like to call it, “WW@HH”—and we are off to a “losing” start with a 150 pounds of weight loss in just eight weeks into the 17-week session! Since the implementation of the program last year, Hancock Health has lost a collective 725 pounds!

Julie Reimer is one of the WW leaders that visits Hancock Health with Sheri Alderman. Julie has been a member of WW since February 2017 and working for WW since October of the same year.

Commenting on her work with the Hancock Health group, Julie said, “I am motivated to help others achieve their weight loss goals, get healthier, and be the person they want to be. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet! With the app and the great tools you get when you sign up, the program is very easy to use. You can eat anything you want. You just have to have a plan for it and make it work with your points. I love it that there are no food restrictions which makes it something you can do for the rest of your life! Knowledge is power! Work the program and the program works!”

Weight Watchers @ Hancock Health: Success Story

Julie Cales: Information Services

I like that with WW you can eat pretty much whatever you want as long as you track it. I never felt deprived because it wasn’t a diet. With diets there is always something you have to cut out, I never had to do that. I just had to track what I ate. There were times that I ate too much, I would track it, see that I had too many points for the day, get upset with myself for eating too many points, and then move to the next day and try to do better.

Since you are offered weekly points as well as daily points, it makes you feel a little better if you have a day that you eat a little more. WW understands that there will be days that you aren’t going to stick to your plan exactly. You just try your best and track and move on to the next day and then do better. Because of this, I feel that I was able to stick to the plan easier because I wasn’t telling myself I couldn’t have something.

I think the plan is pretty easy to follow because of the app. If you download the app on your phone you can research almost any food (including restaurants) or scan the barcode and see immediately how many points something is. It helps you decide what you want to eat and if it is worth it to eat it. If it weren’t for the app and I had to look things up and add, I would never have followed the plan!

All Hancock Health employees are welcome to participate. WW meets every Tuesday from 11:15 am-12:15 pm in the Bariactic Classroom in the basement of the hospital. For more information send an e-mail to!