Coronavirus Update: March 19, 2020

Covid 19: 26,000 new cases were reported worldwide yesterday, with nearly 4,500 of
those in America and 21 in Indiana. Indiana has had a total of 60 Cases in 22 Counties
and 2 Deaths; 380 have been tested.

  • The Hancock Covid Triage hotline (317-325-2683 (COVD) is being staffed by an exceptional team.
  • Hancock Health is continuing our policy of allowing one visitor per patient for the time being and are working with our counterparts in other hospitals to create a unified approach. We are working on a “virtual visitation” process in the event that hospitals are instructed to end in-person visitation.
  • We (with all other hospitals in the state) continue to provide daily updates to the Indiana State department of Health on our census, our staffing, and our supply usage.
  • Generous members of the Hancock community are contributing financially to our associate as well as contributing a variety of medical supplies that may be helpful to us in meeting the needs of our local long term care partners, first responders, and for our use if things become critically low as they have in other parts of the country.
  • Incident Command is open 6am – 9pm and is staffed with leadership team members for any issues/questions about our COVID-19 initiatives (317-468-4686). After hours phone coverage is available as well.
  • Conservation of PPE is increasingly important as supplies throughout the country run low.  We are blessed to have been provided additional supplies from community organizations today, but must carefully manage what we are using to make it last as long as possible.

In addition, today, Governor Holcomb took additional actions to extend the closure of schools until May 1, 2020, to provide economic relief and expand unemployment insurance benefits for those impacted by job loss. It is clear our state is taking this seriously, but I remind you, we are in a marathon not a sprint.

Step outside, if you haven’t today, and enjoy some fresh air on this first day of spring!