Your health is our life.

Hancock Health is an Indiana-based, full-service healthcare network serving Hancock County and the surrounding areas. Our health system includes Hancock Regional Hospital, Hancock Physician Network and more than 20 other healthcare facilities, such as wellness centers, women’s clinics, family practices, and the Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center.

A Caring Community Partner

Our goal at Hancock Health is simple: To give every person the personalized attention necessary for a happy, healthy life. Our mission, vision, and values embody this goal.

Our Mission

To be a Caring Community Partner by healing, improving health and wellness, alleviating suffering, and delivering acts of kindness one person at a time.

Our Vision

To be nationally recognized for kindness in the delivery of excellent quality patient care, efficient and effective operations, the adoption of proven technologies, the creation of a positive workplace environment, and excellence in community service.

Our Values

Compassion. Respect. Integrity. Excellence. Commitment.

Characteristics for success in our current and future environment

  1. There is a consolidated “Hancock Health” brand which includes: Hancock Regional Hospital, Hancock Physician Network, Hancock Wellness Center, Hancock Home Medical Equipment, Hancock Cancer Center, etc.
  2. The Hancock Health brand is top of mind for health services in the area and is associated with great outcomes, positive patient experiences, easy access, state of the art technology, a broad spectrum of specialty services, and competitive pricing.
  3. Hancock Health is transparent in its operations and ensures publicly reported data is at the top of all comparison lists because publicly reported data is significant to the patients of our organization and the residents of our service area.
  4. Residents of the service area count on Hancock Health to be their partner in care, proactively helping them identify health and medical issues and achieving a better overall quality of life.  If asked, most residents of the service area would say “Hancock is my health care home”.
  5. Hancock Health provides patients with transparent and seamless access to care within the system as well as easy transitions to tertiary and post-acute levels of care with clinically integrated partners.  These efforts include providing access to Hancock Health services in both the physical and virtual environments.
  6. Hancock Health collaborates with employers and payers, seeking to improve the health of populations of patients and provide value in the form of exceptional quality of care at the lowest possible cost with physicians leading the care transformation process.  Hancock Health is rewarded for these efforts via revenue streams that are associated with the value of services provided and the number of covered lives, rather than the volume of services provided.
  7. Hancock Health actively encourages the implementation of local health and wellness initiatives, drives the development of healthy public environments (bike trails, community gardens, parks, etc.), and supports the development of healthy and safe home environments and lifestyles.
  8. Hancock Health is a community leader of economic development efforts with a focus on adding “rooftops and residents” to the service area.  Associates of Hancock Health are active in their communities, giving of their time, talents and treasure to improve their communities, and in the process, act as ambassadors, representing the organization throughout the region.
  9. Hancock Health is a learning organization and is known as a center of innovation and evidence-based practice, where associates, volunteers and physicians are recognized for identifying and implementing opportunities for process improvements leading to improved efficiency and enhanced patient and workplace experiences.
  10. Associates, volunteers and physicians at Hancock Health are fulfilled and fruitful in their roles, recognize the importance of achieving results and view themselves as owners of the organization and the brand, creating a culture which inspires a waiting list of potential employees desiring to work at Hancock Health and physicians competing for opportunities to practice here.  At Hancock Health, we “love people for a living.”