Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hancock Health treating patients with Bamlanivimab / the new monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-19?

Hancock Health has received a limited supply of Bamlanivimab, an IV infusion that can be ordered by your physician within the Hancock Physician Network.

How much will it cost?

Under the patient vaccine benefit, Medicare patients will not be charged for either the cost of Bamlanivimab or the infusion.

There is no charge for Bamlanivimab for those covered under private or employer-provided insurance; however, the cost and reimbursement of the infusion process varies by insurance carrier. Reference procedure code M0239 when calling your insurance provider for more information.

When will Hancock Health receive more doses?

Hancock Health will receive a weekly allocation of Bamlanivimab through the Indiana Department of Health. The amount will vary based on demand. 

How do you determine who is eligible to receive Bamlanivimab?

Hancock Health is following the guidance provided in the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Bamlanivimab.  

Why aren’t you using Bamlanivimab on patients who are already hospitalized?

Bamlanivimab is not authorized for patients who are hospitalized due to Covid-19. It has only been approved through a EUA to treat mild to moderate Covid-19 in patients meeting specific criteria. Studies did not show any benefit for patients already sick enough to be hospitalized.

When will Bamlanivimab be approved for more patients?

What are the side effects of Bamlanivimab?   

Is this the only treatment option available at Hancock Health?

Hancock Health is dedicated to providing the best testing, clinical diagnosis, and treatments currently available to those who suspect they have Covid-19 or have been diagnosed with the disease. It is important that patients consult with a physician before taking any medication to treat Covid-19 or any infection or disease.

How do I contact a physician to see if I qualify for Bamlanivimab?

Bamlanivimab is only available via an order from your primary care physician. Please click HERE to find the number of your HPN physician or to find a doctor near you.