Explore A Health Network Built Around You.

Explore A Health Network Built Around You.

Choose the Care You Need

It’s your body, your voice, and your turn to talk. At Hancock Health, health care is a collaborative process led by the patient. That means before we heal you, we’ll hear you.

Find Us in Your Neighborhood

With more than 70 physicians at over 30 locations, Hancock Health Network was created to make health possible for everyone in East Central Indiana. So you can always find care near your home or work.

Hancock Health is Making Health Possible

in 1951, we created Hancock Health to put wellness in reach for those around us. Remaining locally owned and operated has enabled us to create a health network shaped around you.

Find the Care You Need

“Making health possible” can mean different things to different people—and we’ve designed our services to help all of you. From maternity and pediatric care, to cardiovascular services, to surgical and rehabilitation options, Hancock Health has everything you need to live your healthiest life.

Find a Hancock Health Facility Near You

Making health possible for everyone in East Central Indiana meant putting more facilities near our patients. Today, the Hancock Health network offers you everything from Wellness Centers, to counseling and psychiatric services, to immediate care and low cost imaging and lab tests.

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Our Facilities
Hancock Regional Hospital
Hancock Family Medicine - 300 East Boyd Ave
Hancock Family Medicine - 120 West McKenzie
Hancock Wellness Center – Greenfield
Hancock Immediate Care – Greenfield
Center for Wound Healing - Greenfield
Gateway Immediate Care
Gateway Imaging
Gateway Labs
Hancock Endocrinology
Hancock Gastroenterology
Hancock Home Medical Equipment
Knightstown Health Care Center
Hancock Family Medicine - 8535 N Clearview Dr
Hancock Health Center - McCordsville
Hancock Internal Medicine - 8535 North Clearview Drive
Hancock Neurology & Neurodiagnostics - Mccordsville
Hancock Wellness Center – McCordsville
New Palestine
Healthway Park - New Palestine
Hancock Family Medicine - 4055 S Roy Wilson Way
Hancock Wellness Center - New Palestine
Suburban Home Health

Take a Second Look at a Health Network that Puts You First

With more than 30 locations placed intentionally around East Central Indiana, Hancock Health has built a network of care around you—a point that’s underlined by our latest TV commercial.