We’re here for the health of our community.

We started the Hancock Health Foundation in 1982 to support the advancement of health care and wellness throughout Hancock County. Our awards, scholarships, and other efforts support the ongoing health of Hancock County residents and address their changing health needs. We also help to raise funds for needed capital projects, such as our coming renovation of the Hancock Women+Children maternity unit.

Hancock Regional Hospital does not receive tax dollars, so the Foundations work is critical in bridging funding gaps, providing care for those without resources or insurance, and continuing our outreach and population health programs.

Your gift of support to the Foundation is most welcome. If you are passionate about promoting world-class quality healthcare services in Hancock County, you should consider becoming a member of Patrons of Health.

To find out more about the Hancock Health Foundation, check out our most recent newsletter.  We have also included past editions of our newsletter:

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