An integrated approach to compassionate end-of-life care.

Thoughtfully managed end-of-life care can be a great gift to patients and their families and loved ones. At Hancock Health, we take an integrated approach to hospice services focused on patients and their comfort. Our dedicated physicians, nurses, social workers, aides, chaplains, volunteers, and other healthcare professionals collaborate with families and patients to manage pain, provide emotional support, and offer the best quality of life possible.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Hospice Care

We understand that the decision to use hospice care is always a difficult, emotional time for patients and their families and loved ones—and that every moment of every day matters. Our hospice care team treats the services we provide with the reverence you expect and the full range of support you need, when you need it. Whether at your home or under the care of the compassionate hospice staff at Hancock Regional Hospital, we’re available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And we provide hospice services regardless of your ability to pay. Services include:

  • Nursing and medical services
  • Symptom management and relief
  • Family support and education
  • Caregiver respite services
  • Homemaking services
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Social work services
  • Grief and emotional support
  • Spiritual care

Licensed and accredited by the ACHC.

In-Home Hospice Care

In-Home Hospice Care

For many patients, home is the ideal environment for end-of-life care. Our hospice services are designed to provide families with complete care, compassion, support, and respect in the comfort and convenience of your home. To find out whether home hospice care is right for you, please call us at (317) 468-4522.

Inpatient Hospice Care

Inpatient Hospice Care

Sometimes, especially when symptoms are difficult to control, in-home hospice care is less than ideal. That’s why Hancock Regional Hospital created a seven-bed unit designed to provide expert end-of-life care in a homelike setting. In our special area, families relax in front of the fireplace, lounge in recliners, watch the game on big-screen TVs, and prepare their favorite dishes in our comfortable kitchen while their loved one is relieved of troubling symptoms often associated with the end of life. They can celebrate the life of their loved one while counting on our specially trained hospice staff for medical, social, emotional, and spiritual support in a setting that feels more like a home than a hospital. Please call us at (317) 468-4522 to discuss your options.

For Physicians

For Physicians

We understand that when patients stop responding to treatment, their doctors don’t stop caring. We always make it a priority to update referring physicians. We know how much you care about your patients and their families, and we are honored when you put your faith in us at this difficult time. For more information or to make a referral, please call us at (317) 468-4522.

Getting Started
Getting Started

Insurance and Contact Information

Hancock Regional Hospice accepts most commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. To find out more about Hancock Regional Hospice and how we can help, call (317) 468-4522.

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