Walk-ins are our specialty.

You need care now, but your regular doctor’s not available and a trip to the emergency room seems unnecessary: Head straight to the Hancock Immediate Care Center in Greenfield to get the care you need from the healthcare professionals you trust.  Get in line by calling 317.468.4357.

Immediate Care or ER?

Immediate Care or the Emergency Room

At Hancock Health, we believe the best care happens in the right place at the right time. So how do you judge whether you need to go to the Hancock Immediate Care Center and when you should go to the emergency room at Hancock Regional Hospital? It comes down to the level of care you need. Choose immediate care if your physician is unavailable and you need treatment for a minor, non-life-threatening condition. Coughs, minor cuts, earaches, fever, rashes, and flu-like symptoms are all good reasons to see us at the Hancock Immediate Care Center. The emergency room is more appropriate if your symptoms may be life threatening or have occurred suddenly. If you have chest pain, difficulty breathing, head trauma, excessive bleeding, choking, broken bones, stroke, or any other serious condition, we’ll see you at the Hancock Regional Hospital emergency room.


Immediate Care Services

Our Hancock Immediate Care Center is staffed by Nurse Practitioners, and other qualified medical professionals. Standard medical services are available, and we accept most major insurance coverage.


Immediate Care Center Locations

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